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District Tournament West Jessamine @ Mercer

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Four Quarters
Quick Feet with Between the Legs Drill
Quick Feet In & Out with Crossover Drill
Quick Feet In & Out with Behind the Back Drill
Quick Feet In & Out Drill
Quick Feet In & Out Drill
Defensive Slide to Transition Finishing Drill
Ten Spot Celtic Shooting
Form Shooting Drill
Mercer Boys Win at West Jessamine
Author: Advocate Messenger
The Mercer County boys picked up a critical district victory and spoiled their opponent’s party Friday night as they defeated West Jessamine 70-66 at Nicholasville. Russell Sims scored 25 points and Tommy Craig scored 20 for Mercer, which won on the
Danville boys withstand Mercer rally, earn 61-56 victory
The Danville boys might have thought they had slammed the door on Mercer County, but it took a little longer than they expected. The Admirals still got the job done, however, regaining control of the game in the closing minutes after losing most of
Mercer County senior Russell Sims almost all the way back from thumb surgery
HARRODSBURG — Russell Sims is finally ready to give the thumbs-up sign. An injury to Sims’ right thumb has overshadowed his senior year at Mercer County, robbing him of a large part of football season and threatening to wreck basketball season as we
Latest updates
Brian Britt entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Brian Britt entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Brian Britt entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Brian Britt entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Brian Britt just posted a photo East Jessamine
Brian Britt just posted a photo East Jessamine
Latest Club Chat:

Brian Britt 1/30/2014

"Big win last Friday against West Jessamine, but a setback at Boyle last night. Time to prepare for a huge district game against East Jessamine at home on Friday. Homecoming Week"

Brian Britt 1/12/2014

"Titans get a win against Burgin yesterday and freshman get two wins against Danville and LCA today. Titans will go to work in practice Sunday and Monday to do revaluations for players and program. Started a new evaluation system so athletes can not only hear, but see strengths and weaknesses. This helps players understand their position in the program to help them and team meet goals. This helps eliminate any confusion and gives accountability back to players. Should be a great concept to get us ready for post season."

Brian Britt 1/3/2014

"The Titans are back at it tomorrow with one of the most important games of the season. West Jessamine is ranked in the top 25 of the state and a big district game. Setting the tone for the rest of the season tomorrow Junior Varsity 6:30 and Varsity at 8:00 @Mercer County Senior High! Freshman and Junior Varsity had big wins today against East Jessamine."

Brian Britt 12/25/2013

"Merry Christmas to all from the Titan Basketball Program. The website, schedule, and stats will be updated over the next few days. The Titans will practice and begin preparing for West Jessamine on January 3rd. A great opportunity to get better!"

Brian Britt 12/21/2013

"The Titans played great for two quarters. It was good enough to get the win against CAL. We came out of halftime the way we should play. Defense was active in the half court, offense shared the ball, and individuals concentrated on a couple areas to excel in their individual strengths to help the team. We play Saturday the 21st against Union at 4:30 (MCSH. The first day of the Farmers National Bank Fort Harrod Classic was great. There will be games going on from 12:00 tomorrow until 10:00 at night at Mercer County Senior High. The 12th Region had a good day with Boyle, Lincoln, and Mercer advancing in the winners bracket. The 12th Region will try to do it again tomorrow in the winners bracket from 4:30 on at MCSH."

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